MediXSpace Website Project
Managing the development of the new company website – from design drafts to launch

  • Task

    The brand of MediXSpace was officially registered in the early summer of 2021. As we had several international events ahead of us in just a couple of months from then, a new company website had to be launched as quickly as possible.

    I stepped into my role at MediXSpace in mid-March and immediately began working on the project; I had to find the right developers, draft a schematic design prototype, write the copy, and control every stage of the development until the desired result was achieved.

  • Challenges
    • Limited budget for a complex project (approx. $5000)
    • Short timeframe (approx. 2 months)
    • Complicated ecosystem concept and product descriptions that lacked a user-friendly approach
    • No in-house illustrators or designers
  • Result
    • An original website with signature graphics and a clear outline
    • Potential benefits and values of the products clearly conveyed
    • Generated leads
How I handled this project
The main challenge of the project was the fact that everything had to be designed from scratch. The team didn't provide any preferences regarding the look of the future company website – I was given full credit for executing the project the way I see it as long as my propositions were signed off by the management.

Once I found a few websites that could be used as design references, I drafted the outline of the future website on paper. Doing this exercise saved me a fair deal of time creating a digital mockup – as I knew exactly what I wanted to see in the end, the wireframe took me just a couple of hours (I used Whimsical as it's quicker and easier than Figma – and is completely free to use, which is always a plus for startups).

As soon as the wireframe was ready, I put together a brief description of the technical task and started searching for the team that would design and develop our website. After a thorough market assessment and lengthy negotiations of the offers we got from different web design studios, we made our choice and started executing the project.

Design and Development

While the designer was already working on the first mockups, I was finishing the website copy and gathering the last bits of visual content. In the first weeks of April, we approved the final version of the design created on the basis of my suggestions and sent the project into development.

By the second half of May we reviewed the first version of the website. It took us a few iterations to correct all the visual and technical faults. By the end of the month, was finally released – in full accordance with the original deadline that I had set.

  • Expenses

    The whole website project cost us under $5000 (including all original illustrations, animation and domain costs).

  • Money earned/saved

    Based on the market assessment, an average price for a similar project would normally start from $7500 (+50%). Combined with other marketing activities, the website has helped us generate high-quality leads from potential partners, with consequent deals underway.